Use the power of every truck with Rambach TM technology

Are you aware also? Although a truck has high performance, it doesn’t seem to get on the road. Rambach is known for its professional solutions and every its solution increases efficiency of each engine while reducing fuel consumption.

If you have a large fleet and are looking for an optimal solution regardless of the brand of your truck - then you would better talk to us!

Efficiently working engines live longer; besides lower fuel consumption means money for every carrier.

Rambach solutions never interfere with the manufacturer's intended firmware. There wouldn’t be any changes to the engine control unit and all the warranties of manufacturers will remain valid.

Your truck’s warranty will not be touched by Rambach.

Rambach developed the technology that measures all the factors having effect both on the engine’s performance and fuel consumption. To increase the performance, one should change the existing algorithms. Under no circumstances could the software be changed by the truck during this process. However, you can be sure that every small change - for example, the weight of the load and the torque - will be measured.

Technology by Rambach responds immediately to all those changes; thus, it increases capacity of the engine by up to 30 percent. At the same time, fuel consumption is reduced by 15 percent. Rambach cooperates with leading companies across Europe and always delivers customized solutions you need in the B2B sector.

Apply solutions to optimize your vehicle fleet without changing anything about the engines.

The solutions, being developed individually for you, make processing of information faster, and this result in very sensible reaction of the engine and all other components.