RAMBACH. The Science of a Power
New technological solution Absolute safety for engine
No intervention into standard engine electronics Fuel saving
Rambach PowerBox
Rambach PowerBox
More efficient, with less fuel consumption

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Guaranteed protection of your vehicle resources

No interference with the Manufacturers electronics

Made in Germany - Made in Teuton

No interference with the manufacturer system, against Overload protected

Why do not the manufacturers do it themselves?

For the sake of marketing

Because of the vehicle tax

Security protection of Vehicle resources in the mountains

Calculate your savings

Average month distance (km.)
Average fuel consumption for 100 km (lt.)
Fuel cost per 1 liter (euro)

Monthly savings:

Annual savings:

What sets us apart from other providers
Embedded software for fuel savings

Rambach PowerBox
Summer Program
Winter Program
European Fuels Program
Emergency Program

Key Benefits

Processor with 72 MHz

Multi-channel connection

Correction in case of bad

Setting the modes

Benefits of the Rambach PowerBox ™
compared to a Chip-Tunning

Rambach PowerBox

The Rambach PowerBox ™

is absolutely safe

  • Performance increase
  • Safe driving
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Saving the life of your engine
Chip Tuning

Chip Tuning

shut off within 30 seconds

  • Potentially not safe for your vehicle
  • You lose the factory warranty
  • You can not undo the tuning yourself
  • You pay for many disadvantages