There are a lot of factors that effect performance of diesel engines for rail traffic. Rambach offers customized solutions for railway diesel engines.

Neither the engine nor its components need to be changed for this reason. The technical solution by Rambach measures all characteristics of a diesel engine while it’s operating. The data then are processed fasted, thus fastening the engine’s response. No time is lost in this way – the time the engine needs to increase its performance after braking. Consequently, the speed increases faster and time losses are avoided.

Important: Rambach does not change the function of the diesel engines and makes no structural changes. Diesel engines remain such, as they have been made. The Rambach’s gadget is of a small box containing a chip with software. This software is not a variant of the one used by any engine. Rambach develops an individual software solution for each engine.  This is the only way to ensure actual increase of the engine’s performance by up to 30 per cent, while reducing of the engine’s fuel consumption by about 15 per cent. After all, there are countless variants of engines and that's exactly what Rambach is about.

Best benefits of tuning a locomotive

It is clear that an efficient engine not only reduces expenses for its maintenance and energy costs, but also wear on components that are indirectly related to the engine is reduced. You benefit from customized solution by Rambach and increase your profit. Rambach works in many countries and, thanks to his vast experience, is able to support every diesel engine without tuning. Of course, as a company we respect all legal regulations and warranty claims: Rambach helps every engine to work more effectively and cost-efficiently. Give wings to the locomotive!