The leading experts of Rambach Industrie GmbH applied an innovational approach for the development of Power Box. If modules are installed according to the add-on principle, they demand no changes to a car’s board system or to the manufacturer’s engine protection system and automatic gearbox. The algorithm applied by Rambach Power Box allows involving only engine’s own capacities, without intervention into its engine resource.

Extended engine output and decrease in fuel consumption are achieved thanks to optimized algorithm of the engine’s work and efficient use of its hidden capacities.

Choosing Rambach PowerBox, you enrich your car with a high-quality device taking care of engine and making your car more powerful, fast and fuel-efficient.

Why doesn’t a manufacturer itself apply all the reserves of an engine?

Marketing: Car manufacturers intentionally decrease a car’s characteristics to avoid necessity to develop and produce many engines of different types. For instance, BMW 316d, 318d and 320d are equipped with absolutely identical engines N47, 1995 cubic centimeters in volume, but they are of different capacity – 116 HP, 143 HP and 184 HP (torque thereof, respectively – 260 Mn, 300 Nm and 380 Nm). Not smaller is the difference between the prices of these cars!

Tax, customs and insurance purposes: Car manufacturers are selling their products in different states, and systems of taxation, customs duties and insurance premiums sometimes consider the capacity of a car. That’s why, to be included into a certain class (category) a car’s capacity shall be brought to compliance with the class requirements.

Highlands: It is wide known, that the air is thinner in highlands. The higher is the engine of the car above the sea, the thinner is the air, and, respectively, the less air shall come to the engine with the same quantity of fuel. Not all the cars are equipped with a sensor of atmospheric pressure. For this reason, car’s manufacturers stipulate reserve of power for a car to get to the mountains and bring its owner thereto without any harm to engine.

There is just a safety reserve of power. A modern car’s ECU is adaptive. It is able to adopt itself not only to the style of driving, but also to the fuel, that’s why reserve of power is a must.

Rambach PowerBox extends capacity and torque to maximum available values without any harm to the car’s motor resource!

The increase in capacity at least in 0.5% shall launch the engine’s emergency mode, and here is the great advantage of technology by Rambach Industrie GmbH compared to chip-tuning. Chip-tuning turns-off the overload-protection system! This leads to decrease of the engine and the car as a whole, while using Rambach PowerBox makes decrease of a car’s capacity impossible!