Individual solution for every ship‘s engine

Increase the profit of your shipping line with the Rambach technology

The aim of the Rambach technology is to make all ship engines to work more efficiently without actual tuning of them. In each case, an individual software and high-quality chipsets are used. They make ship engines more powerful. It is achieved by measuring the functions of all components of the ship's engines and then adjusting them to each other. This fine-tuning increases the efficiency of marine engines. The result: performance increases in 30 percent, while fuel consumption decreases in up to 15 percent.

The company Rambach respects all legal regulations and never changes the admissible PS-number of the marine engines. The firmware of the manufacturer is never touched. As a private user, you don’t risk to fail meeting the requirements, important to you.

However, Rambach is also available to all commercial shipping. 

Extensive applications for ship engines

Rambach operates internationally and offers solutions for not only large fleets of ships. Smaller lake shipping lines and private ships’ users will also benefit from Rambach technology. We do not offer general solutions. Every piece of software is indeed adapted to the needs of every user, and the individual engine as well.

Technology of a ship is not affected

It is important that no structural changes to the ship's engine have to be made. The box is placed between the engine and its control unit. In such a way no interference occurs with any existing software of the ship. Thus, warranty claims are maintained and all legal requirements are not disregarded in any way.

The purpose is solely to accelerate the interaction of all components. All confounding factors are eliminated by the engine itself - Rambach's technology only provides support, but does not make any changes to the engine itself.

Let Rambach to advise you how to increase your profits with a powerful marine engine.