Rambach services for agriculture

Nowadays it is very important for every farm to save time. Time is money; it is able to increase

the yield. High yields require from a farmer to have powerful machinery.

Rambach can help you to make your tractors more powerful with a positive side effect of reducing fuel consumption at the same time.

However, the Power Box is not just a simple tuning - it is much more behind it.

The Power Box supports the control unit. The Power Box demands no changes to an engine or a control unit. This box consists of high quality microprocessors and custom software. The microprocessors measure all the factors that affect performance of the engine, and the software responds by changing current algorithms.  This guarantees that the software of the control unit does not change.

However, the engine works more efficiently and increases its performance by making data processing faster. Consequently, the engine and all other components can react to it. For such reason, Rambach adjusts each power box considering specific situation: each tractor or another agricultural machine can be processes according to an individual solution. Result: higher efficiency of vehicles with lower fuel consumption and better agricultural yields.

Facts at a glance

The Rambach Power Box is able to decrease fuel consumption by as much as 15 per cent, whether your tractor or agricultural machine is running on gasoline or diesel. Their performance can even be increased by up to 30 percent.

Our piece of advice for today: there is no machine that could not be equipped with the Power Box, even the new ones. Your vehicle’s warranty wouldn’t be affected anyhow, because it’s not a tuning. The Power Box is mounted using simple plugs between the engine and the control unit and can be removed just as quickly. No structural modifications to the vehicle will be made.