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New technological solution Absolute safety for engine
No intervention into standard engine electronics Fuel saving

Peugeot Boxer 3,0 HDI 435, 157 HP

Default attributes
Attributes with PowerBox
157 HP
0 HP (0%)
400 NM
0 NM (0%)
Rambach JetBox
€249.00 MSRP

How does the Rambach JetBox work?

The JetBox from Rambach is installed as an additional device and consists of a device with microprocessor and the associated firmware developed by Rambach. The JetBox is plugged between the accelerator pedal and the electronic vehicle steering system in the connectors provided by the manufacturer. Thanks to the Rambach DSGV X1 technology, the signal is transmitted immediately when the accelerator pedal is touched.

In contrast to the Rambach PowerBox, the actual engine power is not increased by the JetBox. Increases the dynamics of the reaction of the manufacturer software of the vehicle.

The technology of Rambach here the DSGV X1 does not change the original software of the vehicle. All protective functions of the manufacturer remain unchanged.

The Rambach JetBox is just an additional feature!

JetBox Program

The Eco regime for the JetBox is specially designed for city traffic. The vehicle calms down and reacts more fluently, increasing in speed evenly.

The Eco regime also helps to actively save gas.

The CITY program absolutely needs it for immediate start-up or for rapid speed increase in overtaking maneuvers without loss of speed or unforeseen electronic braking.

The Highway program is specially designed for highways and interurban roads. When the accelerator pedal is touched, it reacts faster and sharper than in city mode. This procedure is necessary and convenient for fast and safe overtaking.

The program Off is intended to show the module without disconnecting it from the electrical system. As a rule, this is what the driver needs if he thinks the module is no longer working. If you drive a few days in this program and then sets another one, the driver immediately notices the difference. Simply because you easily get used to the comfort with the JetBox.

How to connect the Rambach JetBox

Switch off the ignition
Wait until the vehicle has set all the functions
Locate the electric plug of the accelerator
Disconnect the plug from the gas pedal
Disconnect the plug from the gas pedal
Connect the second connector of the JetBox cable to the original disconnected cable
Connect the cable from the Rambach JetBox to the module itself
Place the Rambach JetBox module in a convenient place and fix the module
Turn on the ignition
Press the accelerator pedal down to the ground once and release it
Start the engine and check that the accelerator pedal is working
Turn on the Bluetooth connection

Rambach Jetbox Module Firmware Connection

Download the application for the Rambach JetBox to your smartphone, enter the system settings in your smartphone and activate Bluetooth.

Launch the JetBox application on your smartphone while sitting in your car with the JetBox installed. If you see "on / off" in the middle of the screen everything works fine and the connection is made.

If you see a rotating circle in the middle of the screen, the Bluetooth connection is not established.

Download the application for the Rambach JetBox

For Android
For Apple


Rambach JETBOX

  • module
  • connection cable
  • 3 cable ties
  • operating manual
  • warranty card
  • More documents

Operating Manual

You can also download the complete operating manual for the Rambach JetBox here

Rambach PowerBox

Guaranteed protection of your vehicle resources

No interference with the Manufacturers electronics

Made in Germany - Made in Teuton

No interference with the manufacturer system, against Overload protected

Rambach PowerBox module extends capacity of Peugeot Boxer Diesel to 0 HP.

Rambach PowerBox decreases fuel consumption of Peugeot Boxer Diesel in 9-11%.

Rambach PowerBox for Peugeot Boxer is mounted under a car's hood as auxiliary equipment and never spoils integrity of the car's original wiring.

Rambach PowerBox remains invisible for diagnostic equipment while technical examination at Peugeot service center, thus having no influence on Peugeot`s guarantee.

Why do not the manufacturers do it themselves?

For the sake of marketing

Because of the vehicle tax

Security protection of Vehicle resources in the mountains

An engine electronic control unit uses the Rambach PowerBox on Peugeot Boxer Diesel 157 HP as a co-processor, which undertakes some EECU's computing functions, so optimizing its control over the engine of Peugeot Boxer Diesel.

Calculate your savings

Average month distance (km.)
Average fuel consumption for 100 km (lt.)
Fuel cost per 1 liter (euro)

Monthly savings:

Annual savings:

What sets us apart from other providers
Embedded software for fuel savings

Rambach PowerBox
Summer Program
Winter Program
European Fuels Program
Emergency Program

Rambach PowerBox for Peugeot Boxer has 4 easily switchable operating modes:

  • Summer (optimal mode);
  • Winter (if Peugeot Boxer car is used at lower temperature than 0 ℃);
  • Sport (for those who like dynamic driving, not for motorsports!);
  • Bad fuel (if you are travelling and have no access to fuel of proper quality).

Rambach PowerBox doesn`t decrease resource of your Peugeot Boxer engine, as it extends capacity within the limits, stipulated by Peugeot. Peugeot`s EECU prevents you from exceeding maximum allowed capacity by the external overload protection system.

FAP filter and AddBlue still work in standard mode. Length of the intervals for cleaning and regeneration of the FAP remain the same, because the fuel-air mixture does not exceed the value of 1:14.7.

Key Benefits

Processor with 72 MHz

Multi-channel connection

Correction in case of bad

Setting the modes

Configuration of the Rambach Power Box for Peugeot Boxer Diesel 157 HP includes:

  • Rambach PowerBox module for extended capacity and fuel economy;
  • connection wire;
  • plug;
  • operation manual;
  • warranty certificate;
  • cable ties.

Rambach Industrie GmbH tests and adjusts the Rambach PowerBox modules in Nurburgring before their commercial use.

In some states, certification by authorized bodies is demanded before use. For instance, in Germany one shall obtain Teilgutachten by TÜV or DEKRA.

Benefits of the Rambach PowerBox ™
compared to a Chip-Tunning

Rambach PowerBox

The Rambach PowerBox ™

is absolutely safe

  • Performance increase
  • Safe driving
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Saving the life of your engine
Chip Tuning

Chip Tuning

shut off within 30 seconds

  • Potentially not safe for your vehicle
  • You lose the factory warranty
  • You can not undo the tuning yourself
  • You pay for many disadvantages

If you are going to buy a capacity extending module Peugeot Boxer Diesel 157 HP, please go to us.

On this page we represent the module Rambach PowerBox, intended exclusively for daily use on common roads. For needs of motorsports we offer individual decisions.

Besides, you have an opportunity to pass a course of sport driving on your or our car in Nurburgring.

We also offer our Rambach JetBox – an additional device to ensure even more comfortable driving of your car.

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