This comparison has answered to a question, asked in many articles in mass media and interned about pros and contras of both methods to increase capacity.

For making tests, we have applied to experts of DEKRA. Result: a classic Rambach PowerBox connected to a standard car has shown no difference compared to chip-tuning of the same. This can’t be otherwise, because chip-tuning modifies those chips inside the software, that we are altering “from outside”, by Rambach PowerBox installed.

Although with Rambach PowerBox installed on vehicles for professional car racing we reach distinctly better results compared to chip-tuning.

Why? The reply is on the surface: chip-tuning is able to change chips of certain parameter statically, and Rambach PowerBox is changing statically the same parameters, while Rambach PowerBox for professional racing vehicles changes those parameters dynamically. It opens wider range of opportunities for engine adjustment. Rambach PowerBox serves as co-processor for car’s ECU and undertakes calculation of signal’s parameters in addition to the main algorithm. 

Conclusion: technology of Rambach makes is possible to optimize the algorithm of engine’s work rather more precisely than classical chip-tuning.


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