BMW M235i with Rambach PowerBox for motor racing boasts with 4-channel connection to sensors and pairing with CAN informational bus. This made is possible to make lap time at Nurburgring 9.5 seconds less.

The engineers of Rambach Industrie GmbH had difficult technical task – to ensure complete and predictable pedal management up to 3500 engine revolutions, and to produce engine’s maximum capacity after 3500. Three months of development and adjustment at Nurburgring were crowned by such a great and impressing result.

The difference between the Rambach PowerBox for racing and the same for standard cars lays in the number of the channels connected to the sensors, and adjustment of the module itself. In some cases it allows increasing car’s capacity and torque effect. At that we have to sacrifice resource of engine.
As for BMW M235i, we didn’t have to make chip-tuning of the car. We got our result without interfering into ECU (electronic control unit), but sometimes we do software for ECU to cancel limiters.

The synergy of highly efficient electronics and expertise of Rambach Industrie GmbH ensured the excellent result.


  1. Rambach Industrie GmbH a year ago